Friday, September 10, 2010

Let the Voyage Begin!

It's been almost 151 years since the publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. Yet, how many people today can claim that they've actually read this monumentally important work?

I am in the process of reading Origin and, even as someone who studies the processes of evolution every day in class, this is a difficult book to get through. Also, Darwin wasn't exactly right on everything he presented. He didn't have access to the knowledge that we in the 21st century have, such as genetic analysis. However, he still provided great insight into the process of gradual change and introduced evolution into mainstream scientific thought.

So here's the deal: One book, one semester. Each week I hope to post an exploration of a chapter of On the Origin of Species. The edition I am using is the 2nd edition, edited by Joseph Carrol and published by Broadview Texts in 2003. There are 14 chapters, and because this is a project for a class, I have a deadline of 12 weeks.

I have no idea where this project will take me. I hope to give a summary of each chapter, point out what's right, point out what's wrong, and give examples of Darwin's concepts illustrated by modern science. So, for better or worse, let the voyage set sail.

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